Body Chains

Seaside Harness-$60

Two things we love: long walks on the beach and long walks anywhere in this seaside harness. Freshwater pearls, hematite, and sea foam-colored beads lend to the beautiful water aesthetic of this fun wrap-around piece. The complex chain work falls like a waterfall down the chest, and two chains drape up the back to attach at the neck. To inquire about sizing alterations, use the contact form.


The Body Cage- $200

Hot damn! There are statement pieces, and then there is this. The Body Cage is armor for the modern woman in the fight against daily banalities. Sheathed in a chain crop top with elegantly scalloped sleeves, it only takes one glance to know that the woman in The Body Cage is anything but boring.

To ensure a completely fitted look, this piece features three clasps: one behind the neck, and one on each side of the bottom front panel. If you are interested in ordering this piece, please use the contact form to reach out and discuss sizing.


Silver Collar-$220

This stunning, 20’s-inspired flapper collar will add some serious wow-factor to your strapless wardrobe. The slinky, silver, wrap-around necklace shimmers and swings when you walk for a truly attention-grabbing fashion moment.

For those with a larger bust, custom pieces can be requested according to your exact specifications. Simply use the contact form on the contact page to inquire about sizing.


Game of Thrones Collar-$85

dscf2187_2dscf2184_2This complex copper collar is perfect for commanding armies of dragons, or, ya know, festival season. It is one-of-a-kind, and thus will only fit those with a shoulder width of ~16 inches. Inquire in the contact form for more information.


Queen Collar-$180

If only our collar bone could always be covered in lush chain, hematite, pearls, and costume crystals. Oh, wait, it can be! The Queen Collar is inspired by the livery collars of the Tudors era. When your grace is not pardoning people in grand displays of mercy, you’ll be shouting “off with their heads”; a new and integral part of your road rage vernacular. The shoulder width of this piece is ~16 inches.