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The Fall Earrings Collection is Here!

Finally! It may not feel like fall, at least not out here in California, but we are so ready for fall fashion. Since the idea of putting on thigh high boots and a chunky knit sweater in this leftover summer heat sounds like a special kind of awful, we’ll be repping fall in our accessories until it cools down. Check out some of our fall favs here:


The perfect accessory for your cat woman costume…

and your cat lady life.

Claws Out!-$25


These bad ass claws are a chic reminder to everyone that you are not to be messed with!


But what about something a little more sinister…

Elvira Tassels-$30


Work that inner mistress of the dark in these ultra sexy tassel earrings. These cascade past the shoulders for an intense statement look that is made for fall wear.


Leaves are falling, but can you keep these…


Leaf Series-$18



Each of these pumpkin patch-ready cuties are only $18!

From leaves to stones…


Iridescent Spikes-$30

These labradorite spikes carry a unique and natural glamor. Their color changes in the light, flickering radiant blues and greens. They hang 1 1/2 inches from the ear, and are fairly light weight.


Iridescent Orbs-$25

When light hits the labradorite stone in these eye-catching earrings, it’s reflected into brilliant hues of blue and green, making the earrings appear to glow. These earrings are light weight, and dangle about 1 inch from the ear.

Stay tuned for more fall earrings to come!



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